Initiatives & campaigns

Access to justice is a high-profile issue in Kenya. However, many citizens do not know their rights or understand how the justice system works.

There is generally low awareness of government reforms that are improving coordination and transforming the administration of justice, including new policies and other measures, even among those working in the justice sector.

This is why Kenya’s justice institutions are collaborating to conduct sensitization campaigns on key issues and important legal concepts. Such campaigns can involve building skills, raising awareness, challenging myths and misconceptions, or changing behaviour. A united approach is harmonizing efforts between justice agencies and maximising the impact of campaigns. Sensitization activities are often led at the regional and local level by Court Users’ Committees (CUCs). Formal training to build the skills and knowledge of those working in the justice sector is complemented by outreach to citizens and the media.

Bail and Bond

The Bail and Bond Implementation Committee is driving a national campaign to sensitize justice sector stakeholders, the public and the media on bail and bond and citizen’s rights. The campaign is built around Kenya’s Bail and Bond Policy Guidelines.

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Plea Bargaining

Alongside public outreach, it includes formal training in effective application of the Bail and Bond Policy for judicial officers, police, prosecutors, probation officers and others who are on the frontlines delivering justice services.

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